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Shaina's Portfolio
A place to share about valuable books and our favorite resources.
Shaina Danzinger
UX/UI Designer at J.D Power
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Shaina Danzinger
Books, glorious books!
Here are some books I've read that helped deepen my understanding of UX and other interesting topics.

'Don't Make Me Think' by Steve Krug.
Steve Krug's famous book on web usability is a must-read for anyone working in web/mobile design. He covers principles and guidelines that are guaranteed to enhance your design thinking.

'Whoever Tells the Best Story Wins' by Annette Simmons.
Developing the skills needed to tell a good story is crucial. Annette reviews the different types of stories we share, and breaks down how to uncover and formulate them. As designers, when we think about presenting our designs to stakeholders or getting buy-in, good storytelling can play an important role.

'Creative Confidence' by Tom and David Kelley.
Tom and David share fascinating stories about the impact of innovation. Here they also recommend tips about discovering and utilizing creative potential. They remind us that iterating and testing prototypes are essential precursors for successful products.

'Dopamine Nation' by Anna Lembke.
Why are we motivated to do some things, and not others? What is the secret poison behind addiction? With her captivating stories and digestible explanations, Anna's book is incredibly helpful in understanding how we work and setting yourself up with good habits. I really loved this one.

Reading list:
1. 'The Art of Gathering' by Priya Parker.
2. 'Pitch Perfect' by Bill McGowan and Alisa Bowman.
3. 'Wolfpack' by Abby Wambach.
4. 'The Lean Startup' by Eric Ries.
5. 'Lean Analytics' by Alistair Croll.
6. 'The Four Steps to the Epiphany' by Steve Blank



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Shaina Danzinger
Let's be honest, it's in our designer blood to pass around our favorite resources. Here are some websites that I've found useful or interesting. - High-quality UX research and benchmarks - Psychology-focused case studies - I hope you know this one :) - Anything from ethical design to inclusivity and supporting resources - Just what it sounds like, various Slack communities for designers - User interface inspo for mobile design - Cool personal blog with great articles about productivity and life - Reddit, but for women in tech - High-value resource for product management learning