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mini-audit on the Canadian government's COVID travellers' app.
Shaina Danzinger
UX/UI Designer at J.D Power
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Shaina Danzinger
Approx. 4 minute read.

From February 22, 2021 all travellers entering Canada were required to use the ArriveCAN app.
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Shaina Danzinger (UX Auditor)
With these questions in mind, I was excited to download and check out the ArriveCAN app. I was curious to see if any of those considerations were being met.
Unfortunately, I only managed to take a handful of screenshots and did not capture the onboarding experience. (To be honest, at the time of writing this, I don't recall a proper onboarding experience.)
Final Thoughts and Takeaways
I was happy with the small UI changes I designed that helped elevate the user experience on the app. In the long run, I don't think this simple audit can serve to audit the product  as a whole.
As a government initiative, I assume there would be numerous regulations and constraints to work with. This was presumably also designed and shipped this in a very short span of time. I think in order to conduct a proper UX audit, I would have needed access to other information and counterparts that weren't available to me.

The changes I made help improve the visual feel and flows from a surface level, but there is room to look further at some of the considerations I mentioned earlier, like imbuing trust to the users and helping to eliminate ambiguity.

If you found this interesting or have thoughts to share, feel free to let me know what you think.

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