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Shaina Danzinger
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Shaina Danzinger
Approx. 5 minute read.

1 week (8 - 10 hours)
Final Prototype
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Shaina Danzinger (Researcher)
The Problem
To get a sense of how bad the problem space is, I took a look at some statistics to do with Canadian's disposal behaviours. The numbers were alarming.
Canadians dispose of approximately 3.3 million tonnes of plastic each year, yet only 9% get recycled properly.
A huge excess of plastic is not being recycled, resulting in detrimental outcomes for our environment.
Through the course of my interviews, I kept hearing similar themes come up, when I tried to hone in on why people weren't recycling as much as they could.
1. It's too hard
People don’t know how to recycle properly. There are too many confusing options.
2. Unaware of the impact
People are unaware of the impact their recycling habits can have on the environment, economy, and wildlife.
3. There’s no social incentive
People aren’t motivated to recycle since there is no underlying incentive to be earned.
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Shaina Danzinger (Designer)
By now I clarified which problem the product would help solve, who the primary users would be, and the criterion needed to make it successful.
Final Thoughts and Takeaways
Considering the entire project took  8-10 hours, I was satisfied with the high-fidelity prototype I had at the end.

In summary, I was able to research the problem space and interview a relevant user group, analyze the results and hone in to a specific problem area.

After ideating with a creative idea, I ran it by devs for initial feedback, and then looked for design inspiration. I sketched some low-fidelity ideas and moved it into Figma. I chose a basic color scheme, turned it hi-fidelity, and had my final solution (V1).

If I had more time, I would want to validate the solution through user testing. I would also want to A/B test various layouts to gather insight like how button placement influences user activation and retention. I would also be curious to know if fleshing out a "community" tab feature would increase the initial user activation.

Although greenscope  would probably not be ship-able because of the technical aspects, it would be interesting to see if the concept would be adopted by the target user - busy people who are overwhelmed with the many recycling options.

If you're keen, try out the prototype and feel free to let me know what you think.
Final Prototype

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